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Tiger Coloring Pages

Our national animal is Tiger.
If lion is the king of jungle then tiger really is the prince of jungle. It is a beautiful creature but makes you tremble in fear.
It is a big cat with a muscular body. Its fur is yellowish with dark brown stripes. That gives it the tiger look. It has a big round head with small ears. The eyes of the tiger burn bright. In dark its eyes glow like blue radium balls.
The tiger has a long thick tail and strong legs.
It is very sad that this unique creature is facing extinction. There are only 1400 Indian tigers left in our country. They are all in protected sanctuaries.
Once upon a time there were tens of thousands of tigers. But hunters killed them for fur and heads to show as prizes. Now they are being killed for bones too.
We must save tiger. It is sacred duty of every Indian. Tiger is a part of our culture and history.

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