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The National Song

Vande Mataram!
Sujalam, suphalam, malayaja shitalam,
Shasyashyamalam, Mataram!
Vande Mataram!
Shubhrajyotsna pulakitayaminim,
Phullakusumita drumadala shobhinim,
Suhasinim sumadhura bhashinim,
Sukhadam varadam, Mataram!
Vande Mataram, Vande Mataram!

Penned by Bankim Chandra Chatterji it was sung by the people during our long freedom struggle.  Sharing an equal status with National Anthem, Vande Mataram served as a voice against British rule.
It was first sung in 1896 and initially served as the National Anthem of India, but later Jana-gana-mana was adopted as the anthem of independent India. Though Vande Mataram aptly illustrated the pre-independence national zeal and passion, it was adopted as the National Song of India. The song is a part of famous novel Anand Math.

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