The Bag of Coins

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Once, there arose a dispute between an oil seller and a butcher, and failing to settle it by themselves, they went to Birbal.
When Birbal asked the butcher about the dispute, he said, “I was selling meat in my shop when this oil seller approached me. I needed some oil and went in to fetch a container. But, when I had gone inside, he took my bag of coins and began claiming that it was his.’’
But the oil-seller claimed, “No, sir, that is not true. The bag is really mine and it contains my business money. All the time I am handling the coins. This meat seller saw the money and is trying to steal it by lying. I want justice, sir.’’
Birbal repeatedly asked them to come out with the truth but both of them stuck to their claims.
At last, an idea hit the Birbal's mind to solve the problem. He poured water in a vessel and emptied all the coins from the bag in it.
At once, a thin film of oil started floating upon the water which indicated that the bag belonged to the oil-seller. So, Birbal returned the bag of coins to the oil-seller and punished the meat seller.

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