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Holi is one of the popular celebrations of colours in India. It is celebrated throughout the country with fanfare and gaiety. The advent of Holi ushers in new hopes and aspirations for the people in the new season. Holi celebrations imbibe people from all walks of life under one banner to propagate our age-old secular traditions.
Holi is a spring festival and celebrated in the month of Phalguna i.e. month of March according to English calender. During the Holi celebrations, the participation of the people has been overwhelming and tumultuous. People throw colours and Gulal over each other and enchanged greeting.
The origin of Holi has an interesting background. As per the Indian culture, all celebrations have their origination from a mythological background. Though the present generation might not gel with the mythological aspect, still we feel that it has its impact on our society.
The term ‘Holi’ in Indian terminology means ‘burning’. There is a legend behind the term’ burning’. It is believed that there was a demon named Hiranyakashipu. He wanted to take revenge of the death of his younger brother. Lord Vishnu, one of the Supreme forces of the Universe, killed the brother of Hiranyakashipu, who was also a demon. Encountering Vishnu, the notorious King wanted to become the King of the heaven, earth and the underworld. Lord Vishnu performed salvation and prayer to inherit Supreme Power in him. This was indeed a blessing in him. This is so far the History of the initiation of Holi.
Now coming to the celebrations of Holi, it is a big event of the country. The day is treated as the unofficial national holiday. The celebrations are focused upon primarily on Mathura and Vrindavan. Then the celebrations take place in even nook and corner of the country. People put ‘Gulal’ on the forehead of the same age groups, wishing them all success, peace and prosperity in the coming season. The colours are also put on the forehead of the revered elders to seek their blessings.

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