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Eid-ul-Fitr  is celebrated on the first date of Shawwal, , the tenth month of the Hijri calendar. During the festival, Muslims exchange gifts, greeting with their neighbours as a mark of solidarity and brotherhood. It is said that when the Prophet Mohammmad  saw the new moon at the coming of the month of Shawwal, He said: "O God, make this moon a moon of peace for us." This saying of the Prophet expresses the true spirit of Eid that is meant to promote spiritual values among people and create a peaceful environment in society. Rituals observed on the day of Eid are very simple. Muslims wear new clothes and visit the Eidgah to offer the Eid prayer. Eid ul-Fitr is also called Eid of sweets (Meethi Eid).

Bakrid or Id-ul-Zuha is one of the most celebrated festivals among Muslims all over the world. It is a day of sacrifice for the Muslims. The festival coincides with the anniversary of the day when 'Quran' was declared complete. It is from when many Muslims undertake Haj to Mecca and people offer prayers in mosques. On the day of Bakrid, the pilgrims reach the grounds of Mina where they sacrifice an animal each. The sacrificial meat is distributed after the ceremony among friends and family members. Ceremonial prayers, and feasts are part of this festival.

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