Birbals Illness

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Once Birbal fell ill and didn’t attend the court for many days. The Emperor got anxious and thought of visiting Birbal.
So, one day he went to Birbal’s place. Birbal was very happy to see the Emperor.
Birbal had become very weak due to his illness. The Emperor wanted to know if Birbal’s illness had affected his mental sharpness. So, when Birbal went to another room to bring water, the Emperor stealthily placed four pieces of paper under the four legs of his bed.
When Birbal returned and lay on the bed, he noticed that there was some change in the room. He looked around to find out what it was.
Meanwhile, the Emperor kept chatting to him on purpose but Birbal was finding it difficult to be attentive.
Finally, the Emperor asked Birbal the cause of his diverted attention. Birbal replied, “I realise that some change has taken place in this bed.”
“What change?” the Emperor asked with surprise.
“It feels as if the bed has sunk to a thickness of a paper or has risen otherwise!”
The Emperor understood that Birbal’s illness had not at all affected his brain.
But still, acting as if he had understood nothing, the Emperor said, “One often feels like that during illness.”
Birbal said, “Huzoor! Though I am physically ill, yet mentally I am fit.”
The Emperor smiled and told him what he had done.

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