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Bhai Dooj Coloring Pages

After Diwali, comes a festival of brothers and sisters –Bhai Dooj. The name Bhai Dooj itself denotes the day dedicated to brothers and falls on the second day after the new moon. The festival has different names in different regions of the country. It is called Bhaiya Dooj in the Hindi-speaking belt, Bhai Phot in Bengal, Bhav Bij in Marathi, Yama Dwiteeya in Orissa and Bhai Tika in Nepal.

On this festival  sisters  put a tilak on the foreheads of their brothers and brothers in turn offer gifts to them. Thus sisters wish their brothers long life, good health and all prosperity.
The celebration of Bhai Dooj reflects the significance of rich Indian cultural and traditions. Like all other Hindu festivals, Bhai Dooj too has got a lot to do with family ties and social attachments. The festival reveals the harmonious love and bond between the brother and sister.

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